Mature compact bone

Compact bone, microscopically, is made of numerous osteons, whereas spongy bone is composed of sheets of lamellar bone and does not contain osteons. The marrow cavity is in the center. Closing down the iris diaphragm on your microscope, one can better appreciate the lamellar arrangement of the bone matrix, as well as some of the details of the canalicular system connecting neighboring osteocytes and the haversion canal. While occasional concentric arrangements of bone tissue may be found in a trabecula, these are not true osteons. Note that the latter canals penetrate osteons without causing new lamellae to be laid down around them. Be able to recognize the cells in adult bone at the light and EM levels and know their functions e. In either event, notice that the matrix is deposited in layers lamellae , with osteocytes caught in lacunae between the layers. Turn now to the marrow cavity and identify the trabecular bone if any is present in your slide.
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Mature Bone

In long bone diaphyses, woven bone forms first and then transitions into a more mineralized compact bone tissue. Why are blood vessels so important in bone? Be able to identify the component parts of adult bone and know their functions e. In this medium power image, identify some of the numerous osteons in the field, the centrally-place haversion canal, and the concentric arrangement of lamellae characteristic of mature, compact bone. The presence of a macrophage in the Haversian canal indicates the potential eroding function of the endosteal lining of the canal.
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Undifferentiated osteoprogenitor cells always remain in the cellular layer of periosteum adjacent to mature osteoblasts, and in the lining of Haversian canals and are thus in position to rapidly become osteoblasts in case of needed remodeling or repair. Note the resorption cavity as evidence of bone remodeling. Identify resorption cavities which are evidence of current remodeling taking place even in this adult bone. Answer Though it is easy to differentiate between compact and spongy bone at a gross level, at the microscopic level the main difference is the presence or absence of osteons. Although they are more typical of compact bone, osteons can be found in large pieces of trabecular bone.
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Description:In some of these trabeculae, the lamellar architecture of this mature bone is evident, but in other spicules, this matrix organization is difficult to appreciate because of the three-dimensional, sponge-like architecture of cancellous bone. The canalicular architecture will be seen to best effect in a subsequent slide. Can you see canaliculi? The bone itself may be compact, arranged in Haversian systems, or it may still appear as spongy bone, with large vascular areas of unorganized trabeculae or spicules of bone. If you are a University of Michigan student enrolled in a histology course at the University of Michigan, please click on the following link and use your Kerberos-password for access to download lecture handouts and the other resources. Although they are more typical of compact bone, osteons can be found in large pieces of trabecular bone. One may occasionally see small, concentric arrangements of lamellae in cancellous bone that resemble the osteon architecture of compact bone.

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